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The lefty RussiaGate skeptics are the real liberals. They are also antiwar, unwelcome on corporate media, less than enthusiastic regarding , concerned about the growing power of big tech, generally fans of Assange & Snowden, hated by the DNC establishment. Change my mind.

"It's God's word." A man living his faith. Applauded in many circumstances. Why is his religion wrong and yours is right? Instead, choose reason and empathy.

It comes back to . I know the left loves to demean the term and conservatives claim classical liberal as their own, but it's why I hate coups and regime change wars and and free market fundamentalism but respect 's anti-establishment spirit.

When you know about the horrible things our intelligence agencies have done, how do you fairly balance that with the fact that good people work there, and then make a fair assessment of what they say/do now? I desperately want somebody I trust to tell me it's all good now.

Harold Bloom on what one gets out of reading the Western Canon:
1. cognitive power
2. rhetorical power
3. capacity for understanding otherness

Why won't the Republican-controlled Senate open an investigation into the Bidens etc? Why isn't @realDonaldTrump apoplectic about @senatemajldr's failure to do so? Where are the types on this cuckery?

When you think things, do you ever stop to consider if you might be being inconsistent?

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