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Technical difficulties on my Digital Ocean droplet running YunoHost. No idea what happened. Had to restore from 2 days ago. Lucky I had that but fuck me.

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We are what we pay attention to & algo-free social media now lets us decide that democratically as a culture. But that power requires greater responsibility. Filter out bullshit & unnecessary antagonism. Demand a higher quality of art & analysis from everybody.

Spread the word.

Best explanation of what's been going on in Syria in relation to the Kurds I've heard. Please point me to a better one if you can.

Our presence in Syria was never voted for by Congress. If you want our military to stay there, tell your representatives to write up a clear mission statement and vote for it.

There is a giant unmet market demand for community (and purpose and identity). It's only growing with our population's disconnecting from religion. It explains tribalism and conspiracy thinking. Huge opportunity () for podcast donations/meetups and maybe the .

With , we can blame shitty operators and government. If it were to happen in a capitalist democracy, we'd expect the operators to cut as many corners to save money as possible. We'd have to blame a public for voting in politicians who were too anti-regulation.

@wjmaggos I love this idea!

I wanted to share another related idea, United Fediverse. I was thinking a static landing page with a call-to-action for servers to be pro-speech, federate liberally, and unite with the shared goal of obsoleting Facebook/Twitter.

: "In a country, the road to reform travels through culture."

: "Politics is downstream from culture."

: "The purpose of democracy is to bring about the flowering of society and know the inner thoughts of the people without fear."

.@SamHarrisOrg argues that having black friends is actually great evidence that someone isn't racist. Does @IlhanMN @Ilhan endorsing @BernieSanders prove she isn't anti-semitic?

@wjmaggos At what point did anyone decide it was a good idea to let corporations host/moderate pertinent national debates, period? I guess it seems to be OK at the local level but you'd think we could put this crap on CSPAN and forcibly make it public domain.

.@cnn lied about watching the . They cut off free access to @CNNgo on the @roku after 10 minutes. The @nytimes feed doesn't let let you cast it to your TV. Fuck primaries, but then also limiting access to the debates makes this more corporatism than liberal democracy.

When I search here, I want to see as much of the as possible. How can I do that? Follow someone on every instance? I don't understand relays.

.@adam apparently Maddow started off on a morning zoo show called "Dave ". Probably something you could clip here (1:14:30):

I told warmonger Bill Kristol to kill himself on Twitter. Got the time out. But the confirmation email never came through. Not sure what's next.

Maybe the UN could vote on a policy to stop Turkey from killing Kurds in Syria tomorrow. I'd be ok with the US being part of a plan to implement it. Do that with Yemen too. And Israel. Otherwise GTFO and stop providing anybody weapons.

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